Earlier this winter season, Evolution Edges (a Division of Chemung Supply) began a collaboration with Capabilities, a not-for-profit organization that empowers individuals with disabilities through employment opportunities. Workers at Capabilities have been meticulous in sorting, bagging, and boxing hardware kits for Evolution Edges. Upon completion, each hardware kit is placed inside crates with their respective snow plow wear parts orders, and then shipped all over the country among snow-falling states.  The sense of pride and attention to detail the workers have dedicated to this project has been greatly appreciated by everyone at Evolution Edges. The effort to neatly package these kits has been well-received among Evolution Edges customers also, as it makes installation of new wear parts an organized and simplified process.

Both Evolution Edges and Capabilities are located in Elmira, NY so this collaboration hasn’t just supported the local economy but it also has assisted in creating more viable opportunities for people who don’t want their disabilities to limit their career goals.  “We are excited to be working with Evolution Edges as a new customer,” said Aj Kircher, Executive Director at Capabilities. “Each new partnership contributes to our double bottom line of job creation and revenue to support our mission. We look forward to our continued partnership.”

Capabilities has been operating in Elmira, New York since 1955. The idea for this organization came from the concern of community members who saw persons with disabilities not being employed due to impairments related to their disability. With their recent collaboration with Evolution Edges, and many other companies within the surrounding area, the prospect of continuing to help individuals with disabilities get experience and job opportunities is looking bright within the community.

More information about Capabilities can be found on their website at www.capabilities.org