In the 1990s, the introduction of a carbide insert blade for snowplow cutting edges was recognized as a major technological advancement for the wear parts industry. Carbide demonstrated the wear longevity to be seven times greater than a traditional hardened steel snowplow blade.

While carbide represented a significant advancement, there remained the need to use a traditional cover blade to protect the car-bide inserts that would experience an initial, significant and direct impact. While the carbide longevity was an improvement, requiring two blades represented safety challenges for the installation by workers and additional stress on the truck assembly and plow frame.

Fast-forward to November 2020 when Evolution Edges announced a revolutionary one-of-a-kind solution to eliminate the traditional full-size steel cover blade, and did this by acquiring the patented Sabre® Blade System created by Built Blades LLC of Fairport, N.Y. For the first time in 30 years, the Sabre® design has created significant advancements for customers looking to improve carbide cutting edge performance. Below are Sabre’s safety, economic and functional advantages:

  • Offered on national cooperative agreements, such as NASPO and Sourcewell.
  • First manufacturer ever to use Hardox® steel in the cutting edge industry.
  • Hardox is two times more abrasion-resistant and three times more impact-resistant.
  • A Sabre blade is 40% lighter per foot to reduce work-related injuries.
  • Utilizes a 18% thinner blade surface contact, resulting in better scraping.
  • Wear indicators every inch across the blade allow for rapid visual assessment.
  • Multiple state departments of transportation evaluations demonstrate a three times greater longevity versus carbide.

Evolution Edges, located in Elmira, N.Y., opened its doors in 2009 as a division of Chemung Supply Corporation — a municipal distribution supplier that has been in operation for 90 years now. Chemung Supply President Marc Stemerman created the snowplow wear parts manufacturing division in response to following industry needs:

  • To simplify and streamline the snowplow wear parts ordering process.
  • To ensure high-quality products be delivered with rapid response.
  • To be the authority of quality and innovative snowplow cutting edges.

Evolution Edges has six patents pending or in existence, and along with Built Blades, both companies represent many rapid, new innovations via shared patents.

“We are confident that adding Built Blades to our portfolio will be a mutually beneficial acquisition for both companies’ customer base. Adding Built Blades products to the products offered by Evolution Edges will create a much broader product offering and the means to serve our municipal customers more effectively now and moving for-ward,” stated Stemerman.

Built Blades created the Sabre® armored carbide snowplow blade in 2016, and it has been awarded both a fully issued utility patent and a registered trademark. It is currently being used in 29 snow states across the USA, which demonstrates its worthiness in diverse climates for snowplow applications.

“Delivery of an affordable, innovative and quality snowplow wear parts portfolio in a rapid and efficient manner to the customer is our goal. The acquisition of Built Blades demonstrates our ongoing focus to improve snowplow cutting edge technology,” said Stemerman.

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